Friday, December 15, 2017

PCI (Maoist) - 2018 .. celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx...

... Karl Marx, the founder of the proletarian ideology, politics and scientific socialism and a great revolutionary philosopher who formulated an entirely new and thoroughly scientific theory and method, is also coming near. Marx showed a new path for humanity that flourished in the process of bitter class struggle and in struggle against bourgeois and petty-bourgeois ideology, economics, politics and culture as well as in struggle against right and ‘left’ opportunism within the working-class movement. It marked the dawn of a new epoch for humanity that was chained to class exploitation and oppression for thousands of years. .......

.....The international proletariat shoulders the historic responsibility of guiding the vast masses in thousands of battles against the enemy through a tortuous path to establish a classless society. Wielding the invincible weapon of MLM – the present-day Marxism – it will continue to advance towards fulfilling this historic mission.....

GERMANY: Repression is going on

new epoch

December 14, 2017
Since the huge protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg revolutionary and democratic people are facing intensified repression in Germany. German imperialism wants to show its power so it uses more and more repressive policy.

One of this repressive acts was the shut down of the left media page, which was an direct answer to the anti G20 protests. Also the political prisoner Fabio, a young activist from Italy which got imprisoned in the anti-G20 protests on the 7th of July is still in prison, without any prove for a crime. Now on the 5th of December, 500 cops stored 23 flats of suspected left people, even though G20 is almost half a year past.

Some people might get intimidated by this repression, which is for sure part of what they want, but the repression shows also an other side. The ruling class of Germany knows, that there is more and more resistance against its imperialist policies. Even more than 30.000 policemen and special police forces could not hinder the hundred-thousands of protesters to express their rebellion against G20. With all the repression the ruling class is using now, they want to hide their weakness but in fact they show, “we are invincible”.

solidarity with indian people and all their struggles


To inform the public and to underline our orientation by making “a final statement” in reference to the emerging developments in our party and the dissidence have shown itself as a need. Because, we consider it significant from the point of canalising our party to the class struggle duties in addition to the complete information for dissidence. We are going to evaluate the entire process by identifying its milestones and its main lines, which are reflected in public opinion and not. We are going to express our perspective for: what do the emerging developments mean and what do they tell to the party public opinion. Because where we stand now is a clear decomposition situation which its all fronts and lines are drawn, its organizational structure is settled and its political ideology is unveiled. In this scene, we are here to declare that how we define this leaving group in the context of political ideology, how we will relate with them and what will be our approach to them.
The Problems in our Party; the Current Factionalism; Fighting with this; Initiatives and its Consequences
Our Party spent long time to organize a quite important congress/conference. At the same time this process, also, has reflected as a line struggle. However, the hidden and the open struggle in the leadership results from previous situations. Our party got to the last phase of the congress/conference process and the constituents from which it will form its new political, -ideological-organizational orientation. However, this was sabotaged in 2015 by an opposition act.
This was an opportunity to clarify Party’s orientation and conduce to a new period however the fact that it didn’t take place was bad news for our Party. Even though the Party had been sabotaged by an operation, legally there was not a political vacuum to tidy up the process. These insecurities and ignored problems which were taking place in the Party occurred in the leading body.
While the first milestone was the sabotage of the Party, the second was the problems which broke out in the leading body. This attitude which has been taking place in leading body for three semesters didn’t embrace the problems of the Party and led to “conspiracy, coup, doubt and factionalism” towards the rest of the members of the leading body in June 2015. This attempt took place in correspondence with some Party members. The two letters that were sent addressing CC members had two different contents: the first one was underlining the importance of solving the problems despite of different ideas whereas the second one was about how to take control over the Party, how to organize the coup resulting from the claim of the presence of spies which is yet to be proven. The arrival of this letter to the other central committee members in accordance with its natural course, triggered the crisis in the Party. The central committee members and its reserve members convened in June in order to discuss how to organize this period. (The CC member who insisted the most for the meeting to take place is insincere from a revolutionary aspect because this member shows this meeting as a reason for dissidence.) In this meeting it was decided to discuss the topic with the rest of the Party members regarding the coup attempt demanding self-criticism from the concerned CC member. In this way, the pro-coup mindset and its conspiracy were brought into discussion to the Party members.

TKP/ML pour Pierre

 Pierre a sacrifié chaque instant de sa vie de 81 ans dans la lutte des classes, son nom est reconnu avec insistances dans la lutte communiste et revolutionnaire. Pierre est immortel! Sa lutte et sa mémoire vivront dans la lutte international du proletariat! 

TKP/ML.(Partie communiste de Turquie/ marxiste leniniste) 

Tr: 81 Yıllık yaşamının her anını sınıf mücadelesine adamış, devrim ve komünizm mücadelesinin ısrarlı ismi, pierre ölümsüzdür. mücadelesi ve anısı enternasyonalist proleterya mücadelesinde yaşayacaktır. TKP/ML

Thursday, December 14, 2017

MEXICO: ¡No a la Ley de Seguridad Interior! Declaración de los camaradas de la Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo

El viejo estado burgués-terrateniente continúa la ruta establecida por el imperialismo: la maximización de ganancias, el despojo de tierras y territorios, el reordenamiento de las zonas de influencia y el desmantelamiento de los derechos del pueblo a través de la fascistización del régimen para generalizar y profundizar la guerra contra el pueblo trabajador que se organiza y rebela contra estas políticas antipopulares.
En el senado de la república se discute la Ley de Seguridad Interior propuesta por el fascista Enrique Peña Nieto y secundada por los corifeos de la derecha en el mal llamado "Congreso de la Unión", donde la cámara de diputados la "aprobó" por mayoría hace unas semanas.
Esta Ley para la militarización del país la quieren "planchar" antes que termine el periodo ordinario de sesiones del congreso; es decir: antes que termine el año, para dejar las piezas del juego bien acomodadas de cara a la farsa electoral del 2018 donde las facciones de la burguesía y los latifundistas pelean entre sí la gerencia del viejo estado, pero donde el capitalismo burocrático seguirá intacto pues ningún candidato o partido representa en si un cambio de régimen en beneficio del proletariado y las amplias masas populares.
La Ley de Seguridad Interior y el conjunto de "reformas estructurales" impuestas durante este sexenio, son parte de una misma escalada de violencia institucional, política, económica, social, judicial y ahora también, militar contra las masas populares.
De aprobarse esta nueva Ley, la represión y la guerra contra el pueblo, adquirirán proporciones gigantescas, cancelando de facto las libertades democráticas y los derechos del pueblo.
Publicamos una serie de imagenes que dan cuenta del rechazo hacia la Ley de Seguridad Interior por parte de amplios sectores sociales.

¡Repudio absoluto a la militarización del país!
¡No a la Ley de Seguridad Interior!
¡Abajo el régimen antiobrero y antipopular!
¡Defender los derechos del pueblo!

¡Con el Sol Rojo, el pueblo vencerá!
¡Que los trabajadores gobiernen la patria!

Philippines - .Fascist liar Duterte will have himself to blame for rising resistance in Mindanao

The imposition of a one-year martial law extension in Mindanao will heighten the people’s resistance to Duterte’s dictatorship. More and more, he is pushing people to resort to armed struggle as they suffer under his intensifying fascist rule.
The approval was based on AFP reports of “385 atrocities” committed by the NPA in Mindanao, referring to tactical offensives by the people’s army against legitimate military targets and punitive actions against destructive and plunderous companies in the island. This is similar to his previous manufactured claim of 4.7 million drug users to justify his attacks against the urban and rural poor, as well as his political opponents.
Since his martial law declaration, more than 58 activists have been killed in Southern Mindanao, 70% of which are from Compostela Valley, a center of anti-mining resistance which is now dubbed as the “valley of death.” Twelve activists, mostly Lumads, have been killed in the Caraga region. From Lianga to Alabel, thousands have evacuated to escape AFP brutality, forcing them to abandon what little they have and pushing them further into poverty. Lumads in South Cotabato are up in arms after his soldiers opened fire on their community, killing eight and wounding many, on his orders to defend his crony Consunji.
He has pulverized the entire city of Marawi, destroying properties estimated at P100 billion. He has displaced hundreds of thousands of people across the island through militarization, intense aerial bombardment and shelling to clear the way for land-grabbing and plunder by foreign companies and his family’s cronies. He now boasts of using the NPA for “target practice” of his newly-acquired attack helicopters from the US with the same callous attitude to civilian casualties when he ordered the AFP to “flatten the hills” against the people’s army.
By extending martial law, Duterte also bought himself time to ram anti-people and pro-oligarch infrastructure projects under his “Build, build, build” program in Marawi and elsewhere. His Mindanao railway project is due to start next year, fortified by the recent passage of his anti-people tax reform program.
As with all lies, the truth will explode in Duterte’s face. It is historical truth that the NPA increased almost tenfold when Marcos imposed martial law. It was martial law that pushed people from all walks of life and different political persuasions to unite and oust the dictator.